Feasibility of the SMR Business Case
Rendering of Oklo’s proposed "Aurora” nuclear power plant in Idaho, USA. Photo: Oklo.

This study will focus on the economic drivers of production costs of small modular reactors (SMRs) including construction, operation and financing.

The costs, benefits and risks of off-site factory production, modular construction and possible logistics constraints (including transport, lifting, etc.) will all be analysed. The study will look at the financial impacts of factory fabrication (higher upfront investment due to early procurement of modules) and discuss questions of distributed siting (more dispersed but lower density).

Lastly, it will review the different business models for SMRs. Although current SMR developers have put forward their business case for demonstration units, the global deployment of SMRs will be intimately linked with the creation of a global nuclear market, with international co-operation linkages.

Publications and reports